Shopping is always fun, you go to the mall and you see so many varieties floating. With this wandering of the mind, most of the time we end up choosing stuff we may not require the most. I generally end up buying the things I already have, but in different label. Nevertheless the point is instead of buying the things I require, I spend my bugs on things which can be done without at least for a while.

To set my choices right, I have created the list of “MUST HAVES”  to ensure that I don’t unnecessarily spend . Any thing above the list and out of the box is definitely a cherry on the cake, but cherry can wait. Don’t you think? ( oh … btw Gifts are welcome 😉 )

  1. Shavers and Ready to use Wax Strips, Epilators , tweezers : No one wants those unwanted hair. To get rid of those this is first on my “MUST HAVES ” list.  Want  to look pretty and ready to go , you have to have these.  epilator
  2. Skin Care : Taking care of the skin is a big necessity, daily good routine ensures flawless and glowing skin. So second on the checklist is  good quality face wash , toner, makeup removers, nail paint remover, cotton balls, Wet facial tissues, Moisturiser and Sun screens, lip balms, Shower Gels and Scrubs.skincare.png
  3. Hair Care : Shampoo and Conditioners and hair colour and oil and comb or a brush depending on type of your hair.haircare
  4. Sanitizer   : Sanitizer which you can also carry in your bag .                                                                                                  handsanitizers
  5. Basic Makeup Kit:  BB cream, compact powder , eyeliner, kohl pencil and lipstick. Simple and natural makeup definitely doesn’t require more than these items. makeupkit
  6. Shoes : Next what we require is perfect pair of shoes,  1 pair of Sports shoes for long walks or gym and a pair of pumps for parties and all. shoes.png
  7. Clothing : You have to have these :Plain Tees , jersey tank tops and denims, shorts. Simple plain tees or tank tops can be worn with any skirts or pants. To give it trendier look you can wear an overcoat or a denim vest over it. Whenever in confusion , wear these.    clothing.png
  8. Fragrance : Smell good feel good. Have deodorant and a perfume for sure.        .perfumes
  9. Bag    : A simple smart bag can go a long  way . Something which can match with any of the dress you have.                                              handbag
  10.  Sunglasses, Watch and belts. Another thing to be in the closet for sure.sunglasses.png
  11. Jewellery : Last but not the least basic chain neckpiece and earrings.jewellery

Any one can look fabulous if these things are taken care, so before shopping next time, ensure that this checklist is passed. For this checklist I don’t recommend being too brand conscious or buying things high-end, go for things you feel comfortable in and one which comes within your budget. When you are comfortable , you are your most confident version. Don’t compromise on that in the run to get something fancy.

Take Care.

Courtesy : Google Images

Images here are only for explanatory purpose.



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