As i started becoming more cosmetic conscious, my vanity kit started growing. From just 1 eyeliner , kohl pencil, lipstick and cream and  foundation, it has grown to 2- 3 varieties of each. So what i needed now was some thing in which i could organize things in a way that i can pick up the ones i require and also i would be very sure of what i have and what i don’t. And since my collection was not yet very huge, i needed organizer  which was compact as well.

And yes i got what i required , a compact acrylic cosmetic organizer. Spacious and compartmentalized to keep different lipsticks, lip liner,  eyeliners, kohl pencils, foundation and compact powder. A different section to keep various makeup brushes as well. There was also a section where i could keep cotton balls. And yes i am loving it so much, it feels so great to be organised , clean and so sure when i do my makeup, that i do it more properly than before.

So Why don’t you also buy one and get organised? Share your experience with your cosmetics organizer with me. Would look to hear.

You can get this at Amazon India.

Click on the image below to Shop right away and get beauty organised 🙂

Happy Shopping!!!


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  1. jennicocoa says:

    Love this!


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