If you are the kind who doesn’t believe in much of products to be applied on face, but want to have the subtle yet flawless look, Or if this is your first step on the makeup journey , then you should start with something which will never go wrong and one which works for all occasions and places.

This is also my no makeup look method. You can also try this.

PRESSED POWDER Apply pressed powder matching to your skin tone all over face and neck . You can choose from Lakme or Maybelline. They are few of my favorites when it comes to compact powders. Only thing you should ensure while applying powder is you cover any blemishes and spots on the face properly. Spotless , flawless clean face is the first magic of the makeup process.

KAJAL Apply a roll on kajal pencil or kohl pencil to the lower eye lid from inner end to outer end. you can also add a slight wing in the end to have dramatic effect. Try applying one stroke on the upper eyelid, closer to the eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. You can keep it light for the no makeup look.

LIPSTICKand Last but not the least just apply some nice lipstick to your lips. You can go for some plumacious pink color or softer color.For the look here , i have applied Revlon’s Plumacious pink, and that too i have just lightly applied a coat without overdoing, to make it look more natural.

And thats it ..you are ready..




Let the glam beat in you !!!


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