Applying Lipsticks has also become an art. Blending two to three different shades of Lipstick is fun, when you actually know the simple way of doing it.

But am very sure not every one does that much or take time to apply 2-3 shades at a time. For my reader, I want to share the way I put my lipstick. I obviously follow the old school of applying colors on lips.


Easy and Fuss free

  1. Ensure that your lips are not wet nor too dry. For too dry lips apply some lip moisturiser and then clean it with some tissue to remove excess of it from the lips.
  2. For whatever shade you plan to apply, you should have a lips liner one or two shades darker.
  3. Outline your lips with the lip liner.
  4. Fill in the Lips with the Lipstick directly or with the help of Lip brush. Try blending in the lip liner.
  5. Place a tissue on the lips to remove the excess of lip color.
  6. This step is optional , you can apply a nude gloss on it if you want some shine on the lips or you can just let the lips be matte or glossy as the lipstick.


    Photo Above : I am wearing 

Lipstick : Matte Pigeon Pink from M.A. C cosmetics

Let the Glam beat in you!!!



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