So what what do we have in markets for eye makeup???

Numerous and countless things. Eye liner, gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, wax eyeliners, mascara, kohl pencils, eyeshadow, eyelashes, glitters and all that in so many shades.

Makeup is all about permutations and combinations. You apply few things and don’t apply few other things and there you create a new look. That is what I love about Makeup. Makeup and Fashion both are crazy. The Crazier you are,  the better you are at this art. But don’t worry, arena of makeup is generous enough to accept people like us, who just circle around the few very much used techniques.

Did you ever try applying a liner ???  If No, Don’t worry, you can very much start with simple techniques I use.

I just use these 2 things

  1. Eyeliner
  2. Kohl pencil


I mostly do winged liner, mostly one wing but some other time two wings as well. I have never gone to 3 wings yet… ;-). Depending of my mood and attire, I keep varying the thickness of eyeliner. At times I apply kohl pencil and sometimes I don’t, when I want to keep things subtle and natural. I hope you will like my technique.


Simple steps to apply eyeliner winged way , these steps should be followed once eyeshadows are applied and before applying fake eyelashes ( if you love to).

  1. With a liquid eye liner start defining your eye lashes from  inner side of the eyes to outer. Apply above the eyelashes but now on the eyelashes. You can keep the line thin, if you don’t want gothic style thick eyeliner.
  2. Add slight arc shaped wing at the eye of the eyes. Easiest way is to half -close your eye on which you are applying eyeliner and draw a straight line at the end of the eye. This gives nice slight arc shape to the wings.
  3. You can slightly enhance the arc by keeping it thicker at the end of the eyes and sharp and pointed outward towards the eye of the wing.
  4. Add similar one more wings, if you want to go for 2 winged liner.
  5. If you like thick eyeliner look, apply one more line of eyeliner above the already applied line making it thicker.
  6. And last you can apply kohl pencil to the lower eyelid. I apply it is slightly below the water line. You can also make it slightly thick and dark by re-applying on it.

And we are done.


Above Photo: I am wearing

Eyeliner : Lakme Absolute – Black color

Kohl Pencil – Lakme  Eyeconic Kajal- Grey Color.

Let the Glam beat in you !!!



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  1. Isabelle says:

    Beautiful look

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