Cleaning your messy wardrobe and dresser?

Having big space is not always a option, but cleaning up and organising in whatever space available is necessary for neater and feel good closet.

Here are some simple ideas for a neater closet.

1. Clean up the not required items – Old unwanted clothes, shoes , jewellery and expired cosmetics. Removing the items no longer useful is definitely going to add more space to cramped up shelves.

2. Have space and a proper place for Shoes, cosmetics , Clothes and Bags. Divide your closet space accordingly. Having a separate space for Shoes and bags will definitely make things more manageable. Picking and choosing for different function and activities will be at the end of your finger tips.

3. Hang clothes where you can properly see. Divide the section for trousers, shirts and dresses. Folded clothes kept one over other mostly get overlooked. Unless and until you have lack of space in your wardrobe, hanging is always a good option.

4. Use Organiser wherever necessary. Shoe racks , Cosmetics organisers and Jewellery Stands are best way to add neatness to the usually clumsy places.

Here are some organising ideas.




Image courtesy: Google Images

Let the Glam beat in You !!!


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