Here is what I have chosen to wear for winter or realistically saying this is going to be the most common attire I will be adorning.  With this chilling cold, there  is obviously no possibility to not to cover up completely .

New to this winter or already accustomed, here is a list of things to be in every one’s closet to save from the below freezing weather.

  1. Knit wear tops : Full sleeves and turtle neck. More the coverage, the better. I could take the liberty of wearing sleeveless as the day I clicked these pics wasn’t that cold  🙂
  2. Leggings : Nice Colourful leggings or Denims. Here I am wearing leggings from INC. Very comfortable to wear and warm to an extent.
  3. Winter Caps , Woollen scarfs and  Gloves.
  4. Long boots : This is sure to give second layer of protection to legs.

To stylise this default outfit, you can layer with Denim vest of Colourful semi formal blazers ( jacket) and then you can wear your usual huge overcoat.

Experiment with interesting colours and combination, but don’t forget to keep yourself warm.

Happy Winter!!!







Outfit details

Winter Overcoat : H & M, UK

Turtle neck top and leggings : INC, Macys

Denim Vest : An old piece from my closet

Boots : Baretraps, Macys

Let the Glam beat in You !!!


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  1. StyleMeShar says:

    Absolute perfection!



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