Last month had lot of travelling in store for me. Waiting at the airport during transit and switching flights did take up lot of time .. precisely saying days. But to utilise this time, I ensured to click few pics of me here n there. And obviously the idol time did go checking the commonest attire on travellers.

Though was not lucky enough to see any celebrity with some mesmerising style, But did notice the most common style around. And yes, some people are really trendy. Comfortable loose clothes and flip flops or sneakers were more in sight. Pajamas and harem pants did look cool and boho on few.  When travelling to colder countries people did ensure to carry their winter jackets.

My choice stuck to my comfortable tops and leggings and jeans. And for shoes I preferred wearing moccasins, but to be a bit experimental chose to wear boots on my return journey . Though boots have this major disadvantage of being asked to be removed during security checking, it does look stylish.  And yes I was asked for that twice. It was annoying , but I loved being stylish on airport than boring.  And I love Boots!!!

I also carried my recently Shopped Anne Klein- Rose coloured handbag, I am totally in love with currently. Sturdy, sophisticated, shiny and glamorous, this is how I define it .

So, holiday season is here. And this is the time for lots of travelling back and forth. Long distance travelling is hectic and quite uncomfortable, So carry light and travel in comfortable clothes. Don’t forget to carry Jacket, its always cold out there in air.

Happy Travelling !!!




Outfit Details

Top and Leggings :INC

Jacket : Karen Scott

Hand Bag : Anne Klein

Let the Glam beat in You !!!



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