Happy New Year !!!  to all my lovely friends.

With new year, I wanted to share my new face care routine. I always faced problems with breakouts and uneven marks on face, few may be because of my negligence with cleansing the face on regular basis. Left over makeup and not properly removed lip colour resulted in not really vibrant and supple skin.

So as part of new year, I have made resolution of taking care of skin as part of my daily routine. Here is my necessary routine. You can also incorporate if you find it beneficial.

  1. Himalaya Neem Face wash: This is the only face wash which has always done the necessary work of cleansing the breakouts from my face. Very much available in India, I ensured to bring it during my India visit.
  2. Cleansing Water: I have started using Micellar cleansing water twice a day. If you are also a person fond of  doing makeup, ensure to remove it properly at the end of the day. With a Cotton pad soaked in Micellar water you can easily wipe put cosmetics from all over your face.
  3. EOS Lip Balm: And last but not the least, to fight lip dryness, I have got this EOS Lip Balm of Coconut flavour.





Let the Glam beat in You !!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Micellar Water is my fave right now


  2. quinncove says:

    Love micellar water. Definitely a must-have in my skin care regime!


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