Last few weeks I had been trying to take care of my skin more than before. Remember, I had posted on Cleansing just last month. Today’s post is another extension to the skin care routine I have been following. Taking care of the skin  doesn’t only mean taking care with external products, what we put into our body has immense effect on the skin.

Change your diet and see the changes. I tweaked 2 , 3 items in my diet and have seen improvement on skin.

Here is a list of things I did:

Changed my diet: There are few things I have cut down ( not eliminated though).  Reducing intake of sugar  and Rice has definite glow on skin. Though may not be the correct way for all, but this change has definitely worked for me.

Lemon Water : Lemon water is suppose to have detoxifying qualities.  When taken in warm water it also aids cleansing the body. I try to take it every morning.

Ice : And last I do love applying ice once in 2 week. It helps getting rid of acnes early


If you are looking for some improvement in skin, observe your habits, may be you just have to do 1 or 2 changes in eating and other habits and voila ….you get a lovely refreshed skin.



Let the Glam beat in You !!!


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