Hi Gals,

Going simple on makeup with just bright lipstick adds lot of glamour to the look . That is what I believe, so I am here today to share my latest obsession with lipstick. I have been lately using many lipsticks from different brands, the one which I liked the most was this Estee Lauder- Pure Color Envy  sculpting lipstick.

A  good idea is to apply nice red lip liner and fill in the lips with lipstick in traditional way. I directly apply the stick rather than using a professional way of applying with brush, it does maintain the shape of the lipstick for long and it look beautiful as well.

Apart from being packaged in nice case, Estee Lauder lipstick is very comfortable to use. It has long lasting moisture and nice bright colour. The feel of moisturised and supple lipcolor lasts long and bright for more than 8 hours. To remove the lip colour you might need to use proper makeup remover, as just cleaning your face with water may not remove the lipstick stain. Slightly pricey at $32  but this is one of the best lip stick i have ever had.

Though the only drawback being  it slightly smudges after having meal. But nevertheless, It is worth being in every woman’s bag.






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  1. Such a beautiful shade! We haven’t been able to find a good orange-red! xx, Britta & Carli from


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