Easy Quick Makeup with L’Oreal Paris Foundation and Eyeliner

Hi Gals,

Apologies for not posting much in last month. It was a crazy, busy month with performances and practice session, so could not draw much time to write about the latest cosmetics i was using. So here it is now 🙂

L’Oreal Paris True Match healthy luminous foundation

I have quite a time mentioned about my breakouts on skin, though i try to control with my diet and other changes in lifestyle, still dull dark mark are there on my face. Covering those with concealer is always an option, but i was looking for something which will be the only product i apply on face and should be done.

I came across L’Oreal Paris- True Match healthy luminous foundation which came in nice bottle with a pump.  Its easy to apply with a blender all over face ( and neck) and its quick too. Also not more than one pump is required.

Many Shades: It comes in many shades to match your true complexion.  You can choose a perfect tone for your skin. Blending properly does gives a proper luminous and even tone to the face.

Long Lasting : And its last for 4- 5 hours for sure. I never tried it for more than that, but am sure, it might last longer than my estimate.

Easy to Remove : Foundation can easily be removed with water or any Makeup removing cleansing liquid.

Draw back : I just feel its not that handy to be kept in bag. Never mind, you just have to apply it once, it may not need to re touch your face.

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Other product  this month was my quick eyeliner – L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Liner – Liquid Eyeliner.

Though the name says Liquid eyeliner, its a sketch pen eyeliner.

Its easy to hold like a pen for drawing a line just above the eyelashes. One stroke for simple every day look and 3 – 4 strokes to make a Roman way of putting thick eyeliner.

And its also very handy to carry on in a bag. Voila.. I loved this more than any other eyeliner i have used till now. You don’t have to be expert in lining your eyes. You will find how easy it is .. just buy it and see yourself… 🙂




Let the Glam Beat in You !!!


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