I am Pragati. I am an IT Professional. My interest in clothes, Cosmetics, Jewelleries and other accessories has drawn me towards this arena of Fashion Blogging. Here I share my tips and observations on clothing styles especially the style which I think a working woman can adorn. Though my person style is Fusion , a combination of western and Indian, I also try to keep tab on latest trend whenever possible, so once in a while I may post on something which may not be my default style.

Also along with Blogging on Clothes and makeup tips I have shared my creations in Jewellery, which I started as a hobby and now when it has evolved into a huge collection of my creations from simple acrylic bead jewellery to Jaipuri pendant jewellery to Temple Jewellery, it gives me immense pleasure to present to you all my personally crafted pieces on my page. I focus more on Fusion jewellery, beaded jewellery with a traditional tinge, which are ideally suited for kurtis and sarees, You can also pair it up with western outfits depending on the design.

Why TheEarthyTune?

I believe my style has more of earthy elements. Bronze, Copper, Silver, Sand, Charred is the fashion I can easily relate to. Smokey eyes, some charred or sand hues in the attire or in makeup is my style.

On top of that my love for metallic jewellery especially the Bronze or Silver is what defines me.


How to collaborate ?

For collaborations you can mail on pragskc@gmail.com  with subject line “Collaboration- <<your brand name>>”

My site has different TABS


All the published posts are displayed here. To search some particular post, you can search through the widget at the footer of the site.


This is the section where I talk about clothes and the style I love to carry with it. My personal style and how I style jewellery in the attire.


Related to cosmetics and some simple tricks and methods to do makeup, review of different products sums this section for me.


Section where I chose various pictures to portray the various looks.


Fashion and Style followed in different part of the world. I specially select girls having fabulous dressing style. I have one new fashionista featured in this section every month. I take entries for these too.

If you want to be featured in this section, send 2 of your best picture and tell us what you think about your style of dressing and  just mail to pragskc@gmail.com with subject line FASHIONISTAS -<<YOUR NAME>>.  Also don’t forget to mention your Instagram handle.


Personally curated looks. Some of the amazing products I chose and style it for us. You can click on that and shop too. I like to keep this updated with seasons and the trends followed.

Majority of the products featured  in this section is in affiliation with Amazon India.


This sections encompasses  inspirational and motivating thoughts for lifestyle. I cover exercises, my experiences with some exercise routines and lifestyle changes, motivational and uplifting thoughts for woman.


SHOP AWAY – Is collection of personally curated products available for shopping.

PB’S JEWELLERY – Collection of personally crafted beaded neckpieces for sale.


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